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Urban Airship integration with Phonegap
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Urban Airship PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

This plugin supports PhoneGap/Cordova apps running on both iOS and Android. Full documentation is available here.


Contributing Code

We accept pull requests! If you would like to submit a pull request, please fill out and submit a Code Contribution Agreement.


Please contact for any issues integrating or using this plugin.


A migration guide for newer releases of the plugin can be found here.


  1. Install this plugin using PhoneGap/Cordova CLI:

    cordova plugin add urbanairship-cordova
  2. Modify the config.xml file to contain (replacing with your configuration settings):

    <!-- Urban Airship app credentials -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.production_app_key" value="Your Production App Key" />
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.production_app_secret" value="Your Production App Secret" />
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.development_app_key" value="Your Development App Key" />
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.development_app_secret" value="Your Development App Secret" />
    <!-- Required for Android. -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.gcm_sender" value="Your GCM Sender ID" />
    <!-- If the app is in production or not -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.in_production" value="true | false" />
    <!-- Optional config values -->
    <!-- Enable push when the application launches -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.enable_push_onlaunch" value="true | false" />
    <!-- Enable Analytics when the application launches -->
    <!-- Warning: Features that depend on analytics being enabled may not work properly if analytics is disabled (reports, location segmentation, region triggers, push to local time). -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.enable_analytics" value="true | false" />
    <!-- Override the Android notification icon -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_icon" value="ic_notification" />
    <!-- Specify the notification accent color for Android API 21+ (Lollipop) -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_accent_color" value="#0000ff" />
    <!-- Clear the iOS badge on launch -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.clear_badge_onlaunch" value="true | false" />
  3. If your app supports Android API < 14, then you have to manually instrument any Android Activities to have proper analytics. See Gingerbread Support.

Basic Example

// Register for any Urban Airship events
document.addEventListener("urbanairship.registration", function (event) {
    if (event.error) {
        console.log('There was an error registering for push notifications')
    } else {
        console.log("Registered with ID: " + event.channelID)

document.addEventListener("urbanairship.push", function (event) {
    console.log("Incoming push: " + event.message)

// Set tags on a device, that you can push to
UAirship.setTags(["loves_cats", "shops_for_games"], function () {
    UAirship.getTags(function (tags) {
        tags.forEach(function (tag) {
            console.log("Tag: " + tag)

// Set an alias, this lets you tie a device to a user in your system
UAirship.setAlias("awesomeuser22", function () {
    UAirship.getAlias(function (alias) {
        console.log("The user formerly known as " + alias)

// Enable user notifications (will prompt the user to accept push notifications)
UAirship.setUserNotificationsEnabled(true, function (enabled) {
    console.log("User notifications are enabled! Fire away!")


A sample can be found in Example. To run it, copy the files:

  • Example/index.html to www/index.html
  • Example/css/* to www/css
  • Example/js/* to www/js

Add the device plugin: cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device

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