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"Currently Registering" never goes away #23

xdumaine opened this Issue Dec 26, 2012 · 8 comments

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"Currently Registering, will check cache state when current registration is complete" never goes away.

I was able to register my devices (development, tried 2 devices), but I cannot update registration (alias, re-register after removing all device tokens, etc) because the above message never goes away. Any time I try to register or update tags, or update alias, this message is logged, and the device is not registered.


I have tried uninstalling the app, restarting the device, etc.

grigs commented Jan 12, 2013

We were seeing very similar behavior from an app. Eventually, we figured out that it was provisioning related. Once we got the provisioning sorted, registration worked as expected.


@grigs Can you please tell me how you solved this issue?

grigs commented May 1, 2013

It's been awhile now, but it was related to making sure we had the correct certificates installed in xcode for push notifications and that the profile was correctly selected before building.


Got it working now. My mistake was that i forgot to call enablePush function before setAlias. Thanks for your time :)


Still have the issue with 2.7.0 version of phonegap and 1.4.0 version of urbanairship. When trying to setAlias it says "Currently registering, will check cache state when current registration is complete" and nothing happens.


@pastawoua I think you need to first register for push notifications using registerEvent(), then you need to enable push using enablePush() and then use setAlias(). Are you following all three steps?

Animion commented Jul 10, 2013

I have same problem. After trying enablePush, disablePush, using timeout to delay calling... nothig works... I'm frustrated.
My device successfuly register and correctly fires event of successful registering. Then I try to call setTags but nothing happens beacuse of "Currently Registering" issue.
It's interesting that this issue appears only in first start of application on clean device. After this first run of my app is on UA dashboard my device listed in registered devices but with no tags (tried to set when my app starts). After second run of app everything works perfect and tags appears on UA dashboard of my device.

After hours of debugging I can't figure out other reason of issue than not clearing isRegistering indicator in some registration step. But why it works like this only when app is started on device for first time?

======= UPDATE ========

Solution is simple. In UAAppDelegateSurrogae.m set [UAPush setDefaultPushEnabledValue:YES] . Default value is NO to give chance for developer enable it manually... but not working properly. Now setTags is working immediately after first start of app.

@rlepinski rlepinski closed this Jul 31, 2013
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