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Commits on Apr 26, 2012
  1. @siuying

    update version

    siuying authored
  2. @siuying

    add ObjectiveTumblr 0.1.0

    siuying authored
  3. @alloy
  4. @SevInf

    Merge pull request #137 from mcglincy/master

    SevInf authored
    Add pod for Evernote-SDK-iOS.
  5. @siuying

    add RSOAuthEngine 0.0.1

    siuying authored
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
  1. @enriquez
  2. @jeanregisser
  3. @mcglincy
  4. @jeanregisser

    [Add] RestKit 0.10.1dev

    jeanregisser authored
  5. @siuying

    Exclude NSData+Base64 files from LRResty, and make it depends on NSDa…

    siuying authored
    …ta+Base64 pod
    This fixes Pod compiler error when using LRResty and other pods that used NSData+Base64
  6. @mattt
  7. @mattt
  8. @mcglincy

    Set dependencies for any existing CocoaPods, and remove from our Thir…

    mcglincy authored
    …dParty directory via clean_paths.
  9. @mcglincy
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
  1. @ootake

    Merge pull request #140 from ootake/master

    ootake authored
    [Update] NSDate-Extensions.podspec
  2. @ootake
  3. @ootake

    Merge pull request #139 from ootake/master

    ootake authored
    [Update] NSDate-TimeDifference
  4. @ootake

    [Update] NSDate-TimeDifference

    ootake authored
  5. @ootake

    Merge pull request #138 from ootake/master

    ootake authored
    [Add] NSDate-TimeDifference
  6. [Add] NSDate-TimeDifference

    satoshi ootake authored
  7. @mcglincy
  8. @mcglincy
  9. @jeanregisser
  10. @jeanregisser

    [Add] Cedar.podspec 0.0.1

    jeanregisser authored
  11. @SevInf

    Merge pull request #132 from iprayforwaves/master

    SevInf authored
    TestFlight SDK 1.0
  12. @lexrus

    Add SVPullToRefresh.podspec.

    lexrus authored
  13. @lexrus

    Missing a 'v'.

    lexrus authored
  14. @lexrus

    Update SVProgressHUD to 0.7.

    lexrus authored
  15. @lexrus

    Update GMGridView to 1.1.1.

    lexrus authored
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. @iprayforwaves
  2. @iprayforwaves

    change to source files section of podspec;

    iprayforwaves authored
    change version folder to match TestFlight version number;
  3. @dhennessy
  4. @dhennessy
  5. @sergeyzenchenko

    Merge pull request #134 from xslim/master

    sergeyzenchenko authored
    Chameleon - UIKit port for OSX
  6. @xslim
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