Storage for Common MakerBot / MakerWare Special Profiles
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Storage for Common MakerBot / MakerWare Special Profiles

This folder should be copied to your MakerBot Profiles folder. (On a Mac that is usually in your Things folder.)

Once there restart the MakerBot/Ware software and you should be able to select the profile.

An example install here:…and-bottomless/

Two Profiles added currently

  1. A PLA just an outer shell settings for printing models with 2 shells, 0.2mm layer height, no (0) fill, and no floor or roof. Temp settings are 220C extruder and 60C buildplate.

  2. NinjaFlex: This filament required for me a high temp of 245C. The settings are Shell:2, Fill:100, Layer:0.2mm .