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Speedith is a theorem prover for spider diagrams (see

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Speedith is a diagrammatic theorem prover for spider diagrams.

Developer's Guide to Speedith

General Requirements

These requirements have to be checked only once. After you make sure you have these, you can build Speedith at any time.

  • iCircles sources: You can get the sources of iCircles from GitHub.

    You may simply want to execute this in the command line:

        git clone
        cd iCircles
        mvn install
  • Propity Library: You can get the sources from GitHub.

    Execute this in the command line:

        git clone
        cd mixr/Propity
        mvn install

Building Speedith

Use Maven to build Speedith (in the root directory of your cloned Speedith repository):

mvn install

Running Speedith

After a successful build, you can run Speedith by firstly entering the Speedith.Gui directory:

cd Speedith.Gui

and then running:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=speedith.Main

Using Speedith in Isabelle/HOL

MixR (the name of the Speedith/Isabelle integration) requires some special settings for Isabelle. You can find sample settings in the Speedith distribution's 'settings' file.

You can either edit your existing Isabelle settings, or copy the included 'devel/Theories/settings' file to Isabelle's user settings folder (e.g. '~/.isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/etc/').

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