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Speedith is a theorem prover for spider diagrams (see
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ExternalDependencies README: Removed the obsolete instruction to check prerequisites.
Speedith.Core Simplified code for Combining and NegationElimination.
Speedith.Gui Reintroduced mathematical symbols as operators.
SpiderDrawer Added spider drawer to Speedith.
devel Speedith GUI now uses Maven as its build tool.
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Speedith is a diagrammatic theorem prover for spider diagrams.

Build Status

Developer's Guide to Speedith

General Requirements

These requirements have to be checked only once. After you make sure you have these, you can build Speedith at any time.


  • Tesseract (needed for character recognition in drawn input):

    • Linux & OS X: Please follow this guide.

    • Windows: no need to install. Tesseract comes pre-packaged.

Building Speedith

Use Maven to build Speedith (in the root directory of your cloned Speedith repository):

mvn install

Running Speedith

The build will result in a distributable package:


Unpack the archive and navigate into the unpacked speedith/bin folder.

Once in speedith/bin folder, execute the script that best matches your platform.

For example, on Windows you might want to execute either



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