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Makes HD wallet PNGs based on designs exported from Figma
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🚧 Library under construction, use branch rc-immediate for working release. 🚧

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PaperCollateralRenderer generates PNG wallets that can be printed from keygen-js. The layouts and static text content exist in Figma, and are imported via the LayoutGenerator component. This JSON is then saved to disk and bundled with the PaperCollateralRenderer and PageRenderer for prod. The layout objects contain variable strings like @heading or @management.seed.length. PaperCollateralRenderer replaces these with real data. Variables can also specify special layout components like >sigil:@patp.


Install deps via npm:

$ npm install


How to build/run for development:

  1. Create a .env file in the root directory. Paste in Tlon's Figma API token like the following:


  1. npm run convert translates the Figma design to JSON via the Figma API. You can target a specific Figma document by updating the document string and page name that are found in convert.js, lines 32 and 34. You can retrieve a Figma document string id by opening the document in your browser and copying the string that appears before the document name. Each document has pages, which you can target with a name string, such as our current page Registration 1.2.

  2. npm run start builds all files for development and will watch for any JavaScript changes and serve the build on localhost:8000.

  3. npm run build builds all files for production.

Making changes:

  1. If you make changes to your targeted Figma document, you must re-convert the JSON with npm run convert.

  2. Refreshing the webpage with cmd+shift+r will ensure that your browser doesn't render an older, cached version.

Commands Description
npm run convert Import Figma design
npm run build:dev Run the development testing page
or $ npm run build:prod Build the library from source
npm run serve Serve & watch build on localhost:8000


See our documentation of frequent bugs and how to fix them.


  callback={data => console.log(data)}

PaperCollateralRenderer has four props.

Prop Name Description Type
wallet A wallet in the format below Transformed keygen-js wallet object
className A class on the outer component div tag string
callback A function to call when all PNGs have been generated function
mode Allows you to select a preset collection of PNGs to generate string, currently 'REGISTRATION' is the only option.

Sample Wallet Input

Here is a sample wallet's JSON. More sample wallets can be found in sampleWallets


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

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