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Galactic Senate

The following is a suggestion to the Galactic Senate on how to expose its proposals to the public. The Senate is not required to adhere to this procedure, and the process described herein may be replaced by alternate suggestions.

At any point, before or after submission to the blockchain, before or after achieving majority, anyone may create a Pull Request containing a proposal. The proposal does not need to be fully-formed, creating a PR with a suggestion for a proposal is valid.

For Ecliptic proposals, the final PR should contain the new code for contracts/Ecliptic.sol, and any other changes needed to support it. If the contract has already been deployed to the Ethereum blockchain, the PR may mention its address.

For document proposals, the final PR should contain the addition of a .txt file in proposals/, where its filename is the keccak-256 hash of its contents.

When a proposal has achieved majority, as verified by looking up either the proposed Ecliptic contract address or the document's hash in Polls.sol's upgradeHasAchievedMajority(address) or documentHasAchievedMajority(bytes32) respectively, the PR matching that proposal will be merged.