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Since Urbit version 0.8.0, changes to eyre, the HTTP vane of the Arvo operating system, have depricated a significant number of the examples in this repository, and the repository is currently being renovated accordingly.

All examples in the top level directory have been updated or otherwise confirmed working -- everything in wip is for the intrepid only!


This is an open repository for Urbit example code.

There are generators (short Dojo commands), libraries (to be loaded into Dojo), Landscape and Gall applications, and marks and structures that these example appilcations use.

Give these a try by following the installation instructions below, and peruse the list.


First, you'll need a running urbit. Install Urbit, then boot a ship.

For development purposes, fake ships are best. If you need live network connectivity, comets are recommended.

Get started!

Some applications are working examples of Landscape applications with specific types of functionality you can play around with. Others are generators, libraries for Dojo, and more.

The top folder directory is listed per example; each example has folders you copy into your Urbit ship (eg. /app, /lib, /mar). Once you've copied the example into your ship, |commit %home (or whatever %desk you're using) to update your ship filesystem.

Getting started with Landscape tiles

Landscape tiles also use the React framework and require compilation if you want to change them -- find their source in the /src folder, npm install their dependencies, change the Urbit ship location in the .urbitrc file to your ship location, and npm run serve.

If you just want to try out the Landscape tile examples, then all you need to do is copy the other folders into your ship.

You'll find Landscape running on http://localhost:PORT, PORT being 80, 8080, 8081, and so on, depending on your operating system's free ports; see your ship's boot message for a notification as to what port HTTP is available on. If you haven't used Landscape before, you'll need to enter +code on your ship to get the password to authenticate yourself with on the Landscape interface.

See also the Urbit documentation for more information.


Each example has more information in its directory -- click an example below to learn more about it.

Learn a lot, and have fun!

The number one goal for this repository is for it to be fun! People are always around on Talk. Help each other out, and don't hesitate if you have an idea for a contribution. We'd love to make this both a learning resource and a record of what people in the community are coming up with.

Give us feedback via email after you've played around with these for a little bit. Let us know about your ideas, requests, and/or problems and we'll try and get back to you quickly. Pull requests are more than welcome.

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