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A plugin for Figma that draws Sigils to a document
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This plugin template uses Typescript. If you are familiar with Javascript, Typescript will look very familiar. In fact, valid Javascript code is already valid Typescript code.

Typescript adds type annotations to variables. This allows code editors such as Visual Studio Code to provide information about the Figma API while you are writing code, as well as help catch bugs you previously didn't notice.

For more information, visit

Using Typescript requires a compiler to convert Typescript (code.ts) into Javascript (code.js) for the browser to run.

To get the TypeScript compiler working:

  1. Download Visual Studio Code if you haven't already:
  2. Install the TypeScript compiler globally: sudo npm install -g typescript.
  3. Open this directory in Visual Studio Code.
  4. Compile TypeScript to JavaScript: Run the "Terminal > Run Build Task..." menu item, then select "tsc: watch - tsconfig.json". You will have to do this again every time you reopen Visual Studio Code.

That's it! Visual Studio Code will regenerate the JavaScript file every time you save.

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