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Install instructions

To install and run Urbit please follow the instructions at Packages and source tarballs are available there. You'll be on the live network in a few minutes.

If you're doing development on Urbit, keep reading.

Build instructions

External dependencies

vere, the Urbit virtual machine, depends on the following:

Most of these dependencies are unfortunate; we aim to drastically shrink the list in upcoming versions. vere proper makes use of GMP, OpenSSL, libcurl, and libsigsegv. The multiple build tools are a result of bundled libraries, slated for future unbundling or removal wherever possible.


Our Makefile should handle the build smoothly on all supported platforms. It's just a simple Makefile, written by hand for GNU Make, and the most complicated parts of its internal machinery have to do with the varied build systems of the bundled libraries.

Useful targets are the default all, clean, and distclean. The last may not produce an entirely clean distribution directory, and runs a bundled library's configure script; git clean may be a better option.

The vere binary is produced in bin/urbit.


If you have any questions, problems, patches, or proposals for patches, please feel free to get in touch in whatever way is most convenient: