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A personal server operating function.

The Urbit address space, Azimuth, is now live on the Ethereum blockchain. You can find it at 0x223c067f8cf28ae173ee5cafea60ca44c335fecb or azimuth.eth. Owners of Azimuth points (galaxies, stars, or planets) can view or manage them using Bridge, and can also use them to boot Arvo, the Urbit OS.


To install and run Urbit, please follow the instructions at You'll be on the live network in a few minutes.

If you're interested in Urbit development, keep reading.


Build Status

Urbit uses Nix to manage builds. On Linux and macOS you can install Nix via:

curl -L | sh

The Makefile in the project's root directory contains useful phony targets for building, installing, testing, and so on. You can use it to avoid dealing with Nix explicitly.

To build Urbit, for example, use:

make build

The test suite can similarly be run via a simple:

make test

Note that some of the Makefile targets need access to pills tracked via git LFS, so you'll also need to have those available locally:

git lfs install
git lfs pull


Contributions of any form are more than welcome! Please take a look at our contributing guidelines for details on our git practices, coding styles, how we manage issues, and so on.

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