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Starter dear-imgui GLFW/OpenGL 3 based CMake C++ project
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This is a simple template project that can build a standalone dear imgui application quickly.

    $ git clone --recurse-submodules

    # This will create the build dir and run CMake
    $ b

    # or if you don't have '.' in your PATH,  "./b"

    # Then build. Ninja is the default.

    $ cd build; ninja


  • GLFW and Dear Imgui only - (no boost, etc.)
    • They are imported as git submodules
  • Based on Dear Imgui glfw-opengl3 sample
  • Minimal CMake for build generation - builds Ninja, Xcode, Makefiles, etc.
  • OpenGL 3
  • Tested on Mac and Linux (even Wayland)
    • Might work with minor mods on Windows


Edit the 'b' file to switch CMake generators or change other options.


  1. Simple spinning cube
  2. Add more themes, break them out into a class
  3. When docking lands in Dear Imgui, make sure to pull that in


This project was inspired by a nicely done project (with more batteries included): asap by @abdes

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