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package cli
// CommandCategories is a slice of *CommandCategory.
type CommandCategories []*CommandCategory
// CommandCategory is a category containing commands.
type CommandCategory struct {
Name string
Commands Commands
func (c CommandCategories) Less(i, j int) bool {
return lexicographicLess(c[i].Name, c[j].Name)
func (c CommandCategories) Len() int {
return len(c)
func (c CommandCategories) Swap(i, j int) {
c[i], c[j] = c[j], c[i]
// AddCommand adds a command to a category.
func (c CommandCategories) AddCommand(category string, command Command) CommandCategories {
for _, commandCategory := range c {
if commandCategory.Name == category {
commandCategory.Commands = append(commandCategory.Commands, command)
return c
return append(c, &CommandCategory{Name: category, Commands: []Command{command}})
// VisibleCommands returns a slice of the Commands with Hidden=false
func (c *CommandCategory) VisibleCommands() []Command {
ret := []Command{}
for _, command := range c.Commands {
if !command.Hidden {
ret = append(ret, command)
return ret
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