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Find file Copy path
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package cli
import "flag"
type PathFlag struct {
Name string
Aliases []string
Usage string
EnvVars []string
FilePath string
Required bool
Hidden bool
TakesFile bool
Value string
DefaultText string
Destination *string
HasBeenSet bool
// IsSet returns whether or not the flag has been set through env or file
func (f *PathFlag) IsSet() bool {
return f.HasBeenSet
// String returns a readable representation of this value
// (for usage defaults)
func (f *PathFlag) String() string {
return FlagStringer(f)
// Names returns the names of the flag
func (f *PathFlag) Names() []string {
return flagNames(f)
// IsRequired returns whether or not the flag is required
func (f *PathFlag) IsRequired() bool {
return f.Required
// TakesValue returns true of the flag takes a value, otherwise false
func (f *PathFlag) TakesValue() bool {
return true
// GetUsage returns the usage string for the flag
func (f *PathFlag) GetUsage() string {
return f.Usage
// GetValue returns the flags value as string representation and an empty
// string if the flag takes no value at all.
func (f *PathFlag) GetValue() string {
return f.Value
// Apply populates the flag given the flag set and environment
func (f *PathFlag) Apply(set *flag.FlagSet) error {
if val, ok := flagFromEnvOrFile(f.EnvVars, f.FilePath); ok {
f.Value = val
f.HasBeenSet = true
for _, name := range f.Names() {
if f.Destination != nil {
set.StringVar(f.Destination, name, f.Value, f.Usage)
set.String(name, f.Value, f.Usage)
return nil
// String looks up the value of a local PathFlag, returns
// "" if not found
func (c *Context) Path(name string) string {
if fs := lookupFlagSet(name, c); fs != nil {
return lookupPath(name, fs)
return ""
func lookupPath(name string, set *flag.FlagSet) string {
f := set.Lookup(name)
if f != nil {
parsed, err := f.Value.String(), error(nil)
if err != nil {
return ""
return parsed
return ""
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