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package negroni
import (
// LoggerEntry is the structure passed to the template.
type LoggerEntry struct {
StartTime string
Status int
Duration time.Duration
Hostname string
Method string
Path string
Request *http.Request
// LoggerDefaultFormat is the format logged used by the default Logger instance.
var LoggerDefaultFormat = "{{.StartTime}} | {{.Status}} | \t {{.Duration}} | {{.Hostname}} | {{.Method}} {{.Path}}"
// LoggerDefaultDateFormat is the format used for date by the default Logger instance.
var LoggerDefaultDateFormat = time.RFC3339
// ALogger interface
type ALogger interface {
Println(v ...interface{})
Printf(format string, v ...interface{})
// Logger is a middleware handler that logs the request as it goes in and the response as it goes out.
type Logger struct {
// ALogger implements just enough log.Logger interface to be compatible with other implementations
dateFormat string
template *template.Template
// NewLogger returns a new Logger instance
func NewLogger() *Logger {
logger := &Logger{ALogger: log.New(os.Stdout, "[negroni] ", 0), dateFormat: LoggerDefaultDateFormat}
return logger
func (l *Logger) SetFormat(format string) {
l.template = template.Must(template.New("negroni_parser").Parse(format))
func (l *Logger) SetDateFormat(format string) {
l.dateFormat = format
func (l *Logger) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc) {
start := time.Now()
next(rw, r)
res := rw.(ResponseWriter)
log := LoggerEntry{
StartTime: start.Format(l.dateFormat),
Status: res.Status(),
Duration: time.Since(start),
Hostname: r.Host,
Method: r.Method,
Path: r.URL.Path,
Request: r,
buff := &bytes.Buffer{}
l.template.Execute(buff, log)