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Changlog for 0.0.8

  • Second attempt to fix settings not loaded on device startup.
  • LUFA upgraded to version 170418.

NOTE: When TQS is not connected, expect wierd behavior. It is recommended that you keep TQS connected to adapter when Adapter is plugged in to USB.

Which HEX should I use?

If you have built your board based on the supplied schematics, please use the standard one.

"ALT" is for alternative, it is made for people (like me and my initial board) which from some bizarre reason (board is upside down when you solder it.. ehem.. ) has mixed up some wires and ended up with roteries being X&Y... the Alternative FW is for you.

How do I upload the FW?

you can use whatever uploader you wish, for the casual user, I would recommend to use my Hexuploader which is a simple wrapper to the standard AVRDUDE.

just select the HEX, select "Arduino mode" or "HID mode" for new installs or an update from previous version. And hit "Upload". if you selected HID mode you'll need to send the device to bootloader.

to enter boot loader press and hold the following buttons for 5 seconds: Uncage, Cursor Enable, Speedbreaks Open. or "double clicking" the reset button on the board PCB.