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require 'coffee-script'
express = require 'express', http = require 'http'
engines = require 'consolidate'
app = express()
server = http.createServer app
app.configure ->
app.set "views", __dirname+"/views"
app.use express.static __dirname+"/public"
app.engine 'eco',
app.get "/", (req,res)->
res.render "", user: "otro"
console.log "Peticion solicitada"
server.listen 8080, ->
console.log "Servidor se ha iniciado"
io = require('').listen server
io.sockets.on 'connection', (socket)->
console.log "Socket conectada"
socket.on 'moveForward', ->
console.log "Hacia adelante"
io.sockets.emit 'moveF_client'
socket.on 'moveBackward', ->
io.sockets.emit 'moveB_client'
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