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A service which exposes tests through a RESTful api. Allows for remote querying and running tests on the service, by using http requests", as well as retrieving a detailed run information

built on node and express


Install with [npm](

    $ npm install rinuts


Starting the service:

var path = require('path'),
    rinuts = require('rinuts'),
    someDriver = require('rinuts-someDriver'),

    // what ever api the driver has to load tests

    service = new rinuts(someDriver);

Service API:

* *ctor*  (driver, context)
    Constructor. Loads a driver which implementes 'enumTests' and 'runTest'.
    [Argument] driver - The driver        
    [Argument] context - (optional) An object being the context of each test run.         

HTTP exposed API:

*   GET /tests : JSON response with a list of the tests exposed. Each test includes it's unique name and a POST URL which can be used to execute it. The list structure is as follows:
            "*testName*": {
                "name": "*testName*",                    

*   GET /tests/:testName : Returns an individual entry from the list above. has the form of:
            "name": "*testName*",               
            "url": "/tests/*testName*"}

*   POST /tests/:testName : Executes the individual test and returns the test run summary, in the following structure (can be expanded by the driver):            
            "name": *testName*,                
            "state": *true|false*                

    Adding context to the request(Optional):        
        HTTP-Headers: "Content-Type: application/json"
        HTTP-Body: {"context": *whatEver*}" - a JSON notated object

    note - added context will override context supplied to the *ctor* of rinuts.

Driver interface:

Drivers for rinuts should export the following methods inorder to enable 'rinuts' to 
enumarate the driver's tests as a reponse for 'GET' request and to run a speicific test per 'POST' request:

 *  'enumTests' (callback): applies *callback* on an array containing the tests to be exposed. each array element has the form:
            name: *the name of the test*,
            identifier: *the unique identifier of the test. Will be appended to the test url in the get response, e.g, \tests\testoddnumbers*
 *  'runTest' (identifier, callback, context) : runs the test matching 'identifier', with 'context' if supplied in the in the POST request,
        and applies callback on the testresult(type Object). 
        ### important - testresult must supply a **success** property set to true upon test run success or false upon test run failure.
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