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NOTE: uriparser is looking for help with a few things:
If you can help, please get in touch. Thanks!
201x-xx-xx -- x.x.x
* Fixed: Compilation with MinGW
Thanks to Sandro Mani for the patch!
* Soname: TODO
2018-10-27 -- 0.9.0
>>>>>>>>>>>>> SECURITY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
* Fixed: [CVE-2018-19198]
Out-of-bounds write in uriComposeQuery* and uriComposeQueryEx*
Commit 864f5d4c127def386dd5cc926ad96934b297f04e
Thanks to Google Autofuzz team for the report!
* Fixed: [CVE-2018-19199]
Detect integer overflow in uriComposeQuery* and uriComposeQueryEx*
Commit f76275d4a91b28d687250525d3a0c5509bbd666f
Thanks to Google Autofuzz team for the report!
* Fixed: [CVE-2018-19200]
Protect uriResetUri* against acting on NULL input
Commit f58c25069cf4a986fe17a80c5b38687e31feb539
>>>>>>>>>>>>> SECURITY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
* Fixed: Be fully compliant to C89 (Gitub #28) and C++98 in test code
* Fixed: Fix off-by-one in uriComposeQueryCharsRequired* and ...Ex*
Reported space requirements were 1 byte bigger than necessary
* Changed: Marked as deprecated:
Deprecated functions:
* Added: Add convenience functions to ease user code to parse a single URI
New functions:
* Added: Support for custom memory managers (GitHub #26, #35), see Doxygen
New functions (as extension of existing ones):
New functions (for convenience):
New error codes:
New types:
* Added: Add non-void versions of uriNormalizeSyntaxMaskRequired*
New functions:
* Changed: Migrate test suite from CppTest to GoogleTest 1.8.1
* Improved: Make test suite free of memory leaks (GitHub #31)
Thanks to AddressSanitizer!
* Removed: Support for pointless define URI_SIZEDOWN (GitHub #29)
Related configure option --enable-sizedown has also been removed.
* Soname: 1:23:0
2018-08-18 -- 0.8.6
* Fixed: Bad/NULL .hostText.afterLast when parsing certain rather pathologic
but well-formed URIs with empty host (e.g. "//:%aa@") (GitHub #15)
Thanks to Kurt Schwehr for the report!
* Fixed: Fix uriRemoveBaseUri for case where scheme, host name,
IPvFuture address or path segments of the source address were
string prefixes of the related counterpart in the base URI.
Thanks to Yang Yu for the patch! (GitHub #19, #20)
* Fixed: Make UriStringToUnixFilename and UriStringToWindowsFilename
support minimal representation a la RFC 8089, e.g. file:/bin/bash
(compare to file:///bin/bash with three slashes) (GitHub #12, #14)
Thanks to Zane van Iperen for the report!
* Fixed: Documentation typos (GitHub #10, #11)
Thanks to Graham Percival!
* Improved: Made API docs of uriRemoveBaseUri more clear
(related to GitHub #19)
* Soname: 1:22:0
2018-02-07 -- 0.8.5
* Changed: The uriparser project has moved from SourceForge to GitHub:
Code + issue tracker:
New website:
Please update any links of yours, accordingly. Thank you!
* Fixed: Memleak in out-of-memory clean-up code
of URI normalization, related to bug #28.
Thanks to Chris Hills for the report!
* Fixed: Fix compilation of uriparse(1) on FreeBSD
Thanks to Ed Schouten for the patch!
* Fixed: Fix C90 compilation errors
Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the patches!
* Fixed: Space requirements documented for uriWindowsFilenameToUriStringA
given URI "file://server1/file1.txt" ( bug #31)
Thanks to threedyd for the report!
* Fixed: Compiler warnings
Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the patches!
* Fixed: Stop exporting internal function RemoveBaseUriImpl
Thanks to Joel Cunningham for the report!
* Fixed: API documentation front page no longer empty with Doxygen 1.8.13
* Fixed: "make -C doc install" fixed for lack of .map files
* Improved: Communicate that absolutePath is always URI_FALSE for URIs
with a host in uriparse CLI tool output and Uri.h header
(GitHub #2, #30)
* Soname: 1:21:0
2015-10-12 -- 0.8.4
* Fixed: Stack overflow on parsing malformed IPv6 addresses with
more than eigtht quads. Thanks to Alexander Klink for the report!
* Soname: 1:20:0
2015-10-04 -- 0.8.3
* Fixed: uriCompareRange reported NULL pointer and range of
length zero as equal, by mistake.
Thanks to Robert Kausch and his Coverity report.
* Fixed: Use-after-free in out-of-memory code of uriMakeOwner.
Thanks to Chris Hills and his Klocwork-based report ( bug #28)
* Soname: 1:19:0
2015-04-27 -- 0.8.2
* Fixed: Broken conversion from/to Windows network shares ( bug #21)
Thanks to Adam Gross and Dmitry Repkin!
* Fixed: Limit uriCompareRange return values to -1/0/1 ( bug #24)
As a side effect, this fixes the test suite for AArch64.
Thanks to Marcin Juszkiewicz for the patch!
* Fixed: MinGW Makefile:
LIB_DIR fixed from ../../lib leftover to ../../src ( bug #27)
Thanks to Dmytro Zagashev for the report!
* Fixed: Add missing NULL checks to UriStringToFilename ( bug #25)
Thanks to Jerome Custodio for the report!
* Changed: Leave inlining decisions to GCC
* Soname: 1:18:0
2014-10-20 -- 0.8.1
* Fixed: Sync URI_VER_* preprocessor defines (were at 0.7.6, bug #23)
* Fixed: Bug in internal function that may flip uriEqualsUri results around
* Added: Function uriAddBaseUriEx allowing to resolve URIs with
a scheme identical to that of the base URI to resolve against
as if the URI to resolve had no scheme specified, when flag
( feature request #4)
* Soname: 1:17:0
2014-07-12 --
* Fixed: ISO C90 warnings ( bug #20)
* Changed: No longer ship RFC documents (to make things easier for Debian)
* Soname: 1:16:0
2013-12-20 -- 0.8.0
* Fixed: Resolution of relative URI "/" broken
Thanks to Mo McRoberts for the patch!
* Fixed: uriAddBaseUri produced uriUri objects with both host
and the absolutePath flag set (while the absolutePath flag
should only be true for URI objects without a host) when
resolving absolute URIs like "/" or "/foo/bar".
Now the absolutePath flag is set to URI_FALSE and an empty
segment is added as necessary
* Fixed: .errorCode could end up unset, previously
Thanks to Radu Hociung for the patch! ( bug #16)
* Fixed: Resolve use of non-POSIX "sed -r" used when building
documentation ( bug #18)
Thanks to Ryan Schmidt for reporting!
* Fixed: Build DLL with -no-undefined on Windows
Thanks to Michel Zou for the patch! ( bug #19)
* Added: Command line tool "uriparse"
Thanks to Radu Hociung for coding! ( feature request #3)
* Soname: 1:15:0
2013-08-24 -- 0.7.9
* Fixed: Error position ended up as NULL for some syntax errors.
Thanks to Daniel Solano Gómez for the patch! ( bug #14)
* Soname: 1:14:0
2013-05-13 -- 0.7.8
* Fixed: Fix dissection of query string "q=hello&x=&y=" ( bug #12)
Thanks to Marc Novakowski for reporting!
* Soname: 1:13:0
2012-04-05 -- 0.7.7
* Fixed: Fix rejection of some valid characters for userinfo
section, e.g. "http://%2Fuser:%2F21@host/" ( bug #11)
* Fixed: Fix rejection of valid double colon in userinfo
section, e.g. "http://::@host/"
* Soname: 1:12:0
2012-01-20 -- 0.7.6
* Fixed: Qt Compressed Help file was not installed
* Fixed: Shadow/VPATH build doc generation
* Fixed: Compile error from Doxygen when configuring with
neither --enable-doc nor --disable-doc
* Fixed: Code documentation errors
Thanks to Valentin Haenel for the patch!
* Fixed: Fix include path in pkg-config, i.e. remove
"/uriparser" suffix as uriparser's headers are meant to
be included by statements like #include <uriparser/....> .
Thanks to Philip de Nier for reporting!
* Fixed: Compilation in context of Eclipse + Cygwin + wchar_t
( bug #10)
Thanks to Gary Mazzaferro for reporting!
* Fixed: Selection of supported character widths at build
time: <char *> or <wchar_t *> or both
* Added: configure parameters to disable either character
widths: --disable-char, --disable-wchar_t
* Soname: 1:11:0
2009-03-04 -- 0.7.5
* Added: pkg-config file
* Fixed: File was missing from release archives
Thanks to Rakesh Pandit for reporting!
* Fixed: Doc generation troubles
* Changed: No longer shipping bundled libcpptest
* Changed: New dependencies:
- libcpptest 1.1.0 or later
- pkg-config
The libcpptest dependency can be disabled through
configuring with --disable-test, which excludes the
test suite from compilation.
* Soname: 1:10:0
2008-12-23 -- 0.7.4
* Fixed: Null pointer de-referencing when dissecting query
strings starting with "&" right after "?" ( bug #7).
Thanks to Harvey Vrsalovic for reporting!
* Fixed: Memory leak in uriFreeQueryList function ( bug #6)
Thanks to Daniel Chapiesky for reporting!
* Fixed: Memory leak in uriNormalizeSyntax(Ex) functions ( bug #6)
Thanks to Daniel Chapiesky for reporting!
* Improved: Nested configure hacks resolved
* Soname: 1:9:0
2008-11-08 -- 0.7.3
* Fixed: Missing NULL check in parsing routines
Thanks to Sezai Tekin for reporting!
* Fixed: uriparser now builds on Cygwin
* Fixed: Now shipping gnulib's config.guess from HEAD
which is suitable for Haiku ( bug #5)
* Changed: swprintf requirement resolved
* Changed: Build system changes:
- configure option --enable-doc added
- renamed to
- some Autotools files moved to build-aux directory
* Added: Qt Assistant documentation output:
- Qt Compressed Help (.qch) at <doc/uriparser-doc-*.qch>
- Qt Help Project (.qhp) at <doc/html/index.qhp>
Generation requires Doxygen or later.
* Soname: 1:8:0
2008-09-01 -- 0.7.2
* Fixed: Bad cleanup logic in functions
- uriAddBaseUri(..)
- uriRemoveBaseUri(..)
Previously you needed to call uriFreeUriMembers on return code
URI_ERROR_MALLOC and only then. So that's why these functions now
take cleanup off your shoulders. An extra call to uriFreeUriMembers
from your side is still needed in case of success.
* Soname: 1:7:0
2008-04-27 -- 0.7.1
* Fixed: Bogus syntax error when parsing URIs with port-like
passwords, e.g. "http://user:21@host/" ( bug #1)
Thanks to Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs for reporting!
* Fixed: Parser did not handle trailing slashes correctly in some cases,
which also made the structures produced from parsing ""
and "" indistinguishable. ( bug #2)
Thanks to Edward Z. Yang for reporting!
2008-04-04 -- 0.7.0
* Added: Dissection and composition of query strings
* Added: Documentation improvements
(in|out|inout indicators, addition of \since and \see)
* Changed: Code::Blocks project files updated from file format
version 1.4 to 1.6, which is produced by Code::Blocks 8.02
* Added: Code::Blocks workspace file
* Soname: 1:5:0
2008-02-25 -- 0.6.4
* Added: Syntax-based normalization can now handle relative URIs,
e.g. "../../a/b/.././c" is normalized to "../../a/c"
* Fixed: Normalization code could free foreign memory
* Fixed: Normalization processed the path segment even when asked not to
* Added: MinGW Makefile and related readme
Thanks to Michael Anthony Puls II!
* Fixed: Documentation bug not requiring enough memory for the output
buffer when converting a relative file URI back to a filename
* Soname: 1:4:0
2008-02-11 -- 0.6.3
* Fixed: Two major crash bugs in normalization code
Thanks to Adrian Manrique for the patch!
* Added: Brief usage tutorial
* Soname: 1:3:0
2008-02-08 -- 0.6.2
* Fixed: Freeing a normalized URI like "http://test?"
caused a crash. Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
* Fixed: Filename <--> URI string conversion helpers can
now handle relative URIs and filenames
* Soname: 1:2:0
2007-12-23 -- 0.6.1
* Fixed: Percent-encodings in hostnames were not repaired during normalization.
Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
* Fixed: Percent-encodings were fixed after dot removal not before during
Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
* Fixed: Include path order bug
Thanks to Ed Schouten for reporting this!
* Fixed: Shadow builds now possible
Thanks to Adeodato Simó for the patch!
* Added: Version guards for Autoconf/Automake
Thanks to Martin Michlmayr for reporting!
* Soname: 1:1:0
2007-09-17 -- 0.6.0
* Fixed: Proper soname updates from now on, starting at 1:0:0
* Removed: Visual Studio 2003 project files
2007-09-13 -- 0.5.2
* Added: RemoveBaseUri function to create URI references
* Added: Unix/Windows filename <--> URI string conversion helpers
* Added: EscapeEx function to escape text blocks without zero termination
* Fixed: Bug in ToString for URIs with scheme, path, but no host (e.g. "f:/.//g")
* Fixed: AddBase now resolves ".//g" with base "f:/a" to "f:/.//g" instead of
"f://g" which would result in "g" becoming the authority part when parsing
a recomposition (ToString) of that URI structure. This is a whole in RFC 3986,
see for details.
2007-08-09 -- 0.5.1
* Fixed: Empty host bug (URIs like "///g")
* Fixed: Relative URIs are no longer touched by normalization
* Fixed: MergePath failed for empty paths
* Fixed: Bug with "." segments in AddBase
All of the above revealed by test cases from 4Suite (
2007-07-28 -- 0.5.0
* Added: Syntax-based normalization
* Added: Percent-encoding function Escape
* Improved: Malloc/NULL checks added
* Added: New function UnescapeInPlaceEx can also decode '+' to ' '
and convert line breaks
* Added: Exact space computation for ToString, see ToStringCharsRequired
* Added: --enable-sizedown for saving space and slower code
* Fixed: Two internal functions were exposed in the API by mistake:
uriPushToStack and uriStackToOctet
* Added: Visual Studio 2005 project files
* Removed: Legacy code (removal was announced for 0.5.0)
2007-07-06 -- 0.4.1
* Fixed: ToString did not work for IPv4 and IPv6 hosts
2007-07-03 -- 0.4.0
* Added: References resolution (think relative to absolute)
* Added: Naive URI equality check
* Added: URIs can now be converted back to strings
* Fixed: The first path segment of a relative URI was eaten
(functions ParseSegmentNz and ParseMustBeSegmentNzNc)
* Fixed: uri->scheme.first was not reset in some cases
(function ParseMustBeSegmentNzNc)
* Improved: Test suite now built on "make check", not before
* Fixed: Test suite always returned 0 (success)
2007-04-23 -- 0.3.4
* Added: Shared library support (moved to libtool)
2007-04-03 -- 0.3.3
* Fixed: Now unix EOLs constantly
* Fixed: Added forgotten files to release package
2007-03-31 -- 0.3.2
* Fixed: Now compiles on FreeBSD
2007-03-28 -- 0.3.1
* Fixed: Now compiles on Mac OS X
2007-03-26 -- 0.3.0
* Added: New API, old marked deprecated
* Added: Unicode support (think wchar_t)
* Added: Doxygen code documentation
* Added: Test suite using CppTest
* Changed: Library code is now licensed under the new BSD license.
The test suite code is licensed under LGPL.
2006-12-08 -- 0.2.1