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Quotes Database

Anonymous, user-submitted quotes database for when people say really funny stuff.

Install and run

  1. Clone the Repository

    git clone git://github.com/uritu/quotes.git
    cd quotes
  2. Install dependencies

    bundle install
  3. Migrate the database

    rake db:migrate
  4. Start the server

    ruby quotes.rb

Deploying to Heroku

Quotes Database is Heroku-ready, which means that this:

git clone git://github.com/uritu/quotes.git
cd quotes
heroku create
# ...
git push heroku master
heroku rake db:migrate

will create and launch Quotes DB as a fresh Heroku app.

Regular vs. Offensive

There are two types of quotes, regular and offensive. These are stored in separate database tables, quotes and quotes_o, respectively.

The regular quotes are what you see by default. To add an offensive quote, simply click the offensive quote link on the regular quote submission page, and it will take you to the offensive quote submission page.

By adding a trailing '/o' to the end of the URL, you can see the offensive quotes. This works for all URLs, including '/submit/o', '/create/o', and '/id/:id/o'.


There are several ways you can contribute, including:

  1. Submitting bug reports

    • Look through issues to see if the bug has already been submitted.
    • If not, open a new issue describing the bug
  2. Bugfixes or feature additions

    • Fork the repository
    • Commit your changes
    • Send a pull request