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URL2io Python SDK,用于网页信息提取,如正文提取
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example show how to use SDK.ipynb

URL2io Python SDK

This is the URL2io python SDK suite. Note that python2.7 is required.

API Docs


This is the underlying API implementation.

How to use? example:

  1. register and get token
  2. coding
>>> import url2io
>>> api = url2io.API(token)
>>> # get content and next page link
>>> ret = api.article(url='', fields=['next',])
>>> print ret
    u'content': u'<div><p>\u63d0\u4f9b\u7b80\u5355\uff0c',
    u'date': None,
    u'title': u'URL2io \u4ecb\u7ecd',
    u'url': u''

more detial

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