hsmm-pi see's nodes, but isn't being seen by other nodes. #23

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flask28 commented Dec 16, 2013

I've got a pair of wrt54 V1 nodes running and working fine. I just did a fresh install of raspian and hsmm-pi on my Rpi and tried to add it to the mesh - I'm getting an interesting symptom.

Neither of the two wrt54 nodes show the hsmm-pi node in their mesh status or olsrd stats pages. But the hsmm-pi node is displaying the two wrt54 nodes in both. Only by IP address, however, and no services are being presented. DNS services don't seem to be working.

The hsmm-pi is running in gateway mode. Do these symptoms suggest anything?


KF5FEI commented Dec 31, 2013

I just set up my Pi as well, and I'm seeing the same thing. Mine is set to LAN mode, and I changed the SSID to BroadbandHamnet_v1. I can now see the other nodes (all WRT54G with the Broadband Hamnet v1 load) -- but where their callsign should be, all I see is their IP address. The IP address is clickable, and I can see their menu screen, but I could not get internet access through the node that was set up as the gateway. None of the other nodes could see me, although a regular wireless scan showed my node. One node had IRC running, and we were able to get a chat session to work.

I see from other forums there are a few things I need to look at, and I need to make sure I have the latest HSMM-Pi version, Any other suggestions?

flask28 commented Dec 31, 2013

Your problem sounds just like mine.

I "fixed" it eventually by swapping wifi adapters, believe it or not. I was using this tiny $3 usb wifi dongle from Equip. I swapped it out for a 1w alfa and suddenly I had full dns resolution and it started acting fine.

Make sure you've got a wifi card with the realtek 8187 chip in it. That seems to make a big difference with many Rpi applications. It looks like others can "sorta" work. I wasn't having issues with the equip for normal stuff, but it wouldn't work for hotspots, nor for HSMM-Pi

@urlgrey urlgrey added the bug label Jun 12, 2014
urlgrey commented Jul 22, 2014

Fixed by 20e19e9

The HSMM-Pi installation script used to run the 'yum upgrade -y' command to upgrade all software packages installed on the Raspbian base image. I think that was causing some problems, upgrading packages that broke functionality.

I've since removed the 'yum upgrade -y' command so that the packages are not upgraded as part of the installation. Only new packages required specifically by HSMM-Pi will be installed. This will result in a faster HSMM-Pi installation, too.

I tested with Raspbian 2013-09-10. You can download the img file and/or torrent file from the following location:

@urlgrey urlgrey closed this Jul 22, 2014

I am having the same issue on the latest version of Raspbian, which makes sense based on the reason you gave for the bug. I see two options: 1. Tell all users to download that specific image of Raspbian or 2. Have the script downgrade the packages that need to be lower versions.
Can this issue be reopened? I don't know how I would do that or if I even can.

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