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Yii Cleanapp

Yii web application template on steroids.


  • Composer attached.
  • Using composer classmap to autoload components and models.
  • Preconfigured .htaccess and .gitignore files.
  • Git ignored file main-local.php to store private application config.
  • Custom migration template with variable to copy/paste SQL query.
  • Console config uses main config to avoid code duplication.
  • Preconfigured frendly urls.
  • YII_DEBUG is enabled when client IP is
  • Full/Zero error reporting depending on YII_DEBUG.
  • Fake CApplication class with phpdoc comments describing components for editor autocomplete function.
  • DB schema caching enabled with cache flushing after "migrate" command (description in Russian).
  • ClientScript package "jquery" is connected to public CDN's (Google, Yandex, Media Temple).
  • Automatic assets minifying + gzip conpression.
  • Ability to automatically publish CClientSctipt css/js files as assets.
  • .htaccess to send headers for caching of all assets for 1 year by default with mod_expires.
  • ConsoleCommand converts unnamed shell arguments to action params.
  • Blueprint CSS framework replaced with Bootstrap 3.
  • PHPUnit with all Yii dependencies installed via composer.
  • 3 new file log routes: error.log, error404.log and warning.log. Error404.log also contains referer information.

And lot of small changes.

Included shell scripts

  • protected/init.sh -
    • Fixes file/directory permissions (like "runtime" and "assets").
    • Creates local config file if not created.
    • Downloads composer.phar if not exists or runs composer self-update if exists.
    • Runs composer install (composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader if called like protected/init.sh prod).
  • protected/phpunit.sh - runs phpunit tests. This script can be launched from anywhere but takes "phpunit.xml" file from "protected/tests/" directory. If you want to run specific tests directory or file you can pass it's path as first argument.
  • protected/live-commit.sh - commits all changed files and adds current datetime to commit message.

Preinstalled extensions