Proof of concept to build Haiku-OS codebase in a Yocto Embedded Linux environment.
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This README file contains information on the contents of the
haiku layer.

Please see the corresponding sections below for details.


This layer depends on:

  URI: git://
  branch: master

  URI: git://
  layers: meta
  branch: master

  URI: git://
  layers: xxxx
  branch: master


Please submit any patches against the haiku layer to the
xxxx mailing list ( and cc: the maintainer:

Maintainer: XXX YYYYYY <>

Table of Contents

  I. Adding the haiku layer to your build
 II. Misc

I. Adding the haiku layer to your build

--- replace with specific instructions for the haiku layer ---

In order to use this layer, you need to make the build system aware of

Assuming the haiku layer exists at the top-level of your
yocto build tree, you can add it to the build system by adding the
location of the haiku layer to bblayers.conf, along with any
other layers needed. e.g.:

  BBLAYERS ?= " \
    /path/to/yocto/meta \
    /path/to/yocto/meta-poky \
    /path/to/yocto/meta-yocto-bsp \
    /path/to/yocto/meta-haiku \

II. Misc

--- replace with specific information about the haiku layer ---