Python wrapper to access and control an UrBackup server
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Python wrapper to access and control an UrBackup server


Install with:

pip3 install urbackup-server-web-api-wrapper


Start a full file backup:

import urbackup_api

server = urbackup_api.urbackup_server("", "admin", "foo")


List clients with no file backup in the last three days:

import urbackup_api
import time
import datetime
server = urbackup_api.urbackup_server("", "admin", "foo")
clients = server.get_status()
diff_time = 3*24*60*60 # 3 days
for client in clients:    
    if client["lastbackup"]=="-" or client["lastbackup"] < time.time() - diff_time:
        if client["lastbackup"]=="-" or client["lastbackup"]==0:
            lastbackup = "Never"
            lastbackup = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(client["lastbackup"]).strftime("%x %X")
        print("Last file backup at {lastbackup} of client {clientname} is older than three days".format(
              lastbackup=lastbackup, clientname=client["name"] ) )