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A collection of beautiful free fonts you can use in your iOS app.
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A collection of beautiful free fonts you can use in your iOS app.

Current available fonts

One-liner for downloading the font collection

mkdir -p ~/opensource/fonts/ && cd $_; git clone

Example on how to embed and use one of the fonts in your XCode project. (Example using the Vollkorn font)

Adding the font files to your XCode project

First, locate the folder containing the .tff files under:


(Or whatever location you might happen to be using)

Afterwards, add the .tff files from the font you want to embed to your XCode project.

Screenshot of adding the font files to XCode

Finaly, open up your Info.plist file, create a key called UIAppFonts and make it an array and add the filename of the font as a value


XCode will do that for you if you search for "Fonts provided by application" when adding a new key-value entry to the plist.


Using the Font

  • Be sure to use the usable name of the font
  • You can find it out by using a font inspector or reading documentation

  • For regular do:

[UIFont fontWithName:@"Vollkorn" size:16.0]
  • For bold do:
[UIFont fontWithName:@"Vollkorn-Bold" size:16.0]

Feel like contributing to the project?

Add your own beautiful free font you found on the internet or made yourself.

It will help the iOS community grow more easily and people will be grateful to you.

  1. Fork this repository or similar.
  2. Create a folder for your font.
  3. Add all the font files to this new folder.
  4. Add the font's LICENCE file.
  5. Add your font's name to the section named "Current available fonts".

Inspired by a blogpost by Kevin Griffin


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