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BIN img/bootstrapper_220_140.png
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6 index.html
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ <h6 class="section-title">Appccelerators</h6>
<a href="bootstrapper.html">
- <img src="img/placeholders/portfolio-project-4th-1.jpg" alt="Bootstrapper">
+ <img src="img/bootstrapper_220_140.png" alt="Bootstrapper">
<h5 class="title">Bootstrapper</h5>
<span class="categories">Boostrapper</span>
@@ -136,15 +136,15 @@ <h5 class="title">State Machine</h5>
<a href="distributedeventbroker.html">
- <img src="img/placeholders/portfolio-project-4th-3.jpg" alt="Distributed Event Broker">
+ <img src="img/eventbroker_220_140.png" alt="Distributed Event Broker">
<h5 class="title">Distributed Event Broker</h5>
<span class="categories">Event Broker</span>
<a href="mappingeventbroker.html">
- <img src="img/placeholders/portfolio-project-4th-4.jpg" alt="Mapping Event Broker">
+ <img src="img/eventbroker_220_140.png" alt="Mapping Event Broker">
<h5 class="title">Mapping Event Broker</h5>
<span class="categories">Event Broker</span>
1 roadmap.html
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
<li>AsyncModule: Rewrite to make it easier to use and better testable, once .Net 4.5 is released.</li>
<li>Bootstrapper: client/server extension support</li>
<li>Bootstrapper: serviceinstaller</li>
+ <li>Bootstrapper: console argument support</li>
<li>EventBroker: support simplified handler method signatures (no need for sender or event args if they are not used).</li>
<li>Feature, license and user permission management over the evaluation engine</li>
<li>UI navigation for WPF and Web (URL based)</li>

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