Creates a markdown report from an xBehave (xUnit) XML report.
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Creates a markdown report from an xBehave (xUnit) XML report.



Execute nuget install xBehaveMarkdownReport. Afterwards the executable is at xBehaveMarkdownReport-<version>\tools\xBehaveMarkdownReport.exe


Execute choco install xBehaveMarkdownReport -source "" (case-sensitive!). Afterwards you can directly use xBehaveMarkdownReport.exe because chocolatey updated the path environment variable.

The source has to be specified because the package is not listed on the chocolatey gallery.


  1. run your xBehave specifications with xUnit.Console.exe <specs.dll> -xml <specs.xml>
  2. run xBehaveMarkdownReport -i <specs.xml> -o <>
  • -i, --input: input path (.xml)
  • -o, --output: output path (.md))

What is generated

The generated markdown file is structured as follows:

Assembly Name (camel case as spaces)

Namespace (without common prefix with assembly name and dots as spaces) Class Name (camel case as spaces)

### Scenario Name (camel case as spaces)

- step 1
- step 2
- step 3

### Scenario With Example

#### example values (comma delimited)

- step 1
- step 2

#### example values

- step 1
- step 2