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#> #include <augeas.h> <#
;; todo: srun; span (?); transform (?); rename (? -- needs unreleased 2012-08)
;; todo: init using AUG_NO_ERR_CLOSE (requires 0.10.0). Easy, but I have no way to
;; trigger a failure for testing.
;; todo: use init/close_memstream from augeas internal.h to write FD output to memory
;; for string ports for both aug_print and aug_srun. has been available since 0.2.0 (2008-06)
(use foreigners)
(use lolevel) ;; free
(use srfi-1) ;; list-tabulate
(define-foreign-enum-type (augeus:errcode int 'unknown)
(errcode->int int->errcode)
((nomem) AUG_ENOMEM) ;; Out of memory
((internal) AUG_EINTERNAL) ;; Internal error (bug)
((pathx) AUG_EPATHX) ;; Invalid path expression
((nomatch) AUG_ENOMATCH) ;; No match for path expression
((mmatch) AUG_EMMATCH) ;; Too many matches for path expression
((syntax) AUG_ESYNTAX) ;; Syntax error in lens file
((nolens) AUG_ENOLENS) ;; Lens lookup failed
((mxfm) AUG_EMXFM) ;; Multiple transforms
((nospan) AUG_ENOSPAN) ;; No span for this node
((mvdesc) AUG_EMVDESC) ;; Cannot move node into its descendant
((cmdrun) AUG_ECMDRUN) ;; Failed to execute command
((badarg) AUG_EBADARG) ;; Invalid argument in function call
;; not available in 0.10.0 release
;; ((label) AUG_ELABEL) ;; Invalid label
(define-foreign-enum-type (augeas:initflag int 'unknown)
(initflag->int int->initflag)
((none) AUG_NONE)
((save-overwrite) AUG_NONE)
((save-backup) AUG_SAVE_BACKUP)
((save-newfile) AUG_SAVE_NEWFILE)
((save-noop) AUG_SAVE_NOOP)
((type-check) AUG_TYPE_CHECK)
((no-stdinc) AUG_NO_STDINC) ;; better name? no-builtin-search-path?
((no-load) AUG_NO_LOAD)
((no-module-autoload) AUG_NO_MODL_AUTOLOAD)
((enable-span) AUG_ENABLE_SPAN)
;; ((no-error-close) AUG_NO_ERR_CLOSE) ;; don't expose this--we should handle it transparently
(define-syntax begin0 ; multiple values discarded
(syntax-rules () ((_ e0 e1 ...)
(let ((tmp e0)) e1 ... tmp))))
(define-record augeas ptr)
(define-foreign-type augeas (c-pointer "augeas")
(lambda (a) (or (augeas-ptr a)
(error 'augeus "operation on closed handle"))))
(define _aug_init (foreign-lambda (c-pointer "augeas") aug_init c-string c-string int))
(define _aug_close (foreign-lambda void aug_close augeas))
(define _aug_get (foreign-lambda int aug_get augeas c-string (c-pointer c-string)))
(define _aug_set (foreign-lambda int aug_set augeas c-string c-string))
(define _aug_setm (foreign-lambda int aug_setm augeas c-string c-string c-string))
(define _aug_rm (foreign-lambda int aug_rm augeas c-string))
(define _aug_mv (foreign-lambda int aug_mv augeas c-string c-string))
(define _aug_match (foreign-lambda int aug_match augeas c-string (c-pointer (c-pointer c-string))))
(define _aug_insert (foreign-lambda int aug_insert augeas c-string c-string bool))
(define _aug_print (foreign-lambda int aug_print augeas (c-pointer "FILE") c-string))
(define _aug_load (foreign-lambda int aug_load augeas))
(define _aug_save (foreign-lambda int aug_save augeas))
(define _aug_defvar (foreign-lambda int aug_defvar augeas c-string c-string))
(define _aug_defnode (foreign-lambda int aug_defnode augeas c-string c-string c-string (c-pointer bool)))
(define _aug_error (foreign-lambda int aug_error augeas)) ;; error code
(define _aug_error_message (foreign-lambda c-string aug_error_message augeas)) ;; human-readable error
(define _aug_error_minor_message (foreign-lambda c-string aug_error_minor_message augeas)) ;; elaboration of error message
(define _aug_error_details (foreign-lambda c-string aug_error_details augeas)) ;; human-readable details
(define (aug-init #!key root loadpath (flags 'none))
(make-augeas (or (_aug_init root loadpath (initflag->int flags))
(error 'aug-init "initialization failed"))))
(define (aug-close a) ;; safe to call this multiple times
(when (augeas-ptr a)
(_aug_close a)
(augeas-ptr-set! a #f))
(define (aug-get a path)
(let-location ((v c-string))
(let ((rc (_aug_get a path #$v)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-get path)
(define (aug-exists? a path)
(let ((rc (_aug_get a path #f)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-exists? path)
(> rc 0))))
(define (aug-set! a path val)
(let ((rc (_aug_set a path val)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-set! path)
(define (aug-set-multiple! a base sub value)
(let ((rc (_aug_setm a base sub value)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-set-multiple! base sub)
(define (aug-remove! a path)
(let ((rc (_aug_rm a path)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-remove! path)
(define (aug-move! a from to)
(let ((rc (_aug_mv a from to)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-move! from to)
(define (aug-match-count a path)
(let ((rc (_aug_match a path #f)))
(if (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-match-count path)
(define (aug-match a path)
(define _aug_match_index
(foreign-lambda* c-string* (((c-pointer c-string) v) (int i))
(let-location ((v c-pointer))
(let ((rc (_aug_match a path #$v)))
(when (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-match path))
(list-tabulate rc (lambda (i) (_aug_match_index v i)))
(free v))))) ;; free array; elts were freed by c-string*.
(define (aug-insert! a path label #!optional before?)
(let ((rc (_aug_insert a path label before?)))
(when (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-insert! path label))
(define (aug-load! a)
(when (< (_aug_load a) 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-load!))
(define (aug-save! a #!optional mode)
(when (and mode
(not (memq mode '(overwrite backup newfile noop))))
(error 'aug-save! "Illegal save mode" mode))
(let ((old-mode (and mode (aug-get a "/augeas/save")))
(mode (if (symbol? mode) (symbol->string mode) mode)))
(when (and old-mode
(not (string=? old-mode mode)))
(aug-set! a "/augeas/save" mode))
(when (< (_aug_save a) 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-save!))
;; FIXME: if save errors out, we don't restore mode. Use handle-exceptions,
;; but be careful as the restore could fail too
(when (and old-mode
(not (string=? old-mode mode)))
(aug-set! a "/augeas/save" old-mode))
(define (aug-defvar a name expr)
(let ((rc (_aug_defvar a name expr)))
(when (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-defvar name expr))
(define (aug-defnode a name expr value)
(let-location ((created bool))
(let ((rc (_aug_defnode a name expr value #$created)))
(when (< rc 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-defnode name expr value))
(values rc created))))
;; (define stdout (foreign-value "stdout" c-pointer))
;; Print matching nodes at PATH to PORT; PORT must be associated with a file descriptor and
;; must consequently be a stream port, not e.g. a string port.
(define (aug-print a path #!optional (port (current-output-port)))
;; Not sure if we need to flush before and/or after
(define (port->file p)
(##sys#check-port p 'aug-print)
(or ((foreign-lambda* c-pointer ((scheme-object p)) "return(C_port_file(p));")
(error 'aug-print "not a stream port" port)))
(when (< (_aug_print a (port->file port) path) 0)
(augeas-error a 'aug-print path))
(define (augeas-error a loc . args) ;; internal: raise augeas error
(make-property-condition 'exn
'location loc
'message (_aug_error_message a)
'arguments args)
(make-property-condition 'augeas
'code (_aug_error a)
;; human-readable code symbol (pathx)? or add a property condition for it?
'message (_aug_error_message a)
'minor-message (_aug_error_minor_message a)
'details (_aug_error_details a))
(make-property-condition (int->errcode (_aug_error a))))))
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