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(use posix srfi-13 files)
(define pkg-config-version
(with-input-from-pipe "pkg-config --version" read-line))
(when (eof-object? pkg-config-version)
(error "Unable to locate pkg-config"))
(define augeas-version
(with-input-from-pipe "pkg-config --modversion augeas" read-line))
(when (eof-object? augeas-version)
(error "Unable to obtain augeas version"))
(define augeas-cflags
(with-input-from-pipe "pkg-config --cflags augeas" read-line))
(define augeas-ldflags
(with-input-from-pipe "pkg-config --libs augeas" read-line))
(define augeas-options
(string-join (string-split augeas-cflags) " -C " 'prefix)
(string-join (string-split augeas-ldflags) " -L " 'prefix)))
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