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(use chickadee spiffy uri-common)
(define uri uri-reference)
(root-path "./root")
(debug-log (current-error-port))
(server-port 8080)
(access-log "access.log")
;; Note: if connections is small and AJAX parallel requests
;; are allowed, spiffy may take tens of seconds to respond,
;; occasionally. May be an issue with keepalives.
;; An even number of connections is desirable as user agents
;; usually open two (keep-alive) connections per hostname.
(max-connections 8)
(ajax-log "/tmp/ajax.log")
(cdoc-uri (uri "/cdoc"))
(chickadee-uri (uri "/chickadee"))
(incremental-search-uri (uri "/cdoc/ajax/prefix"))
(chickadee-css-files (list (uri "/cdoc/chickadee.css")))
(chickadee-js-files (list (uri "")
(uri "/cdoc/jquery.metadata.2.1.min.js")
(uri "/cdoc/chickadee-jquery.js")
; (uri "")
; (uri "")
(maximum-match-results 250)
(maximum-match-signatures 100)
(incremental-search 15)
(incremental-search-delay 50)
(cache-nodes-for 300)
(cache-static-content-for 1800)
(last-modified (current-seconds))
;;; debugging
(%chickadee:debug-incremental-search-latency 0)
;;; start
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