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Mac OS X:
- - On 10.7, Chicken will hang and use 100% CPU when you try to
- run or install it, due to an incompatibility with the LLVM
- version of gcc (which became the default in 10.7).
- To fix this, compile with plain gcc:
- make PLATFORM=macosx C_COMPILER=gcc-4.2
- Unfortunately, this will still hang with XCode 4.2 or later.
- However, there is an experimental fix for this problem;
- please ask for details on the chicken-users mailing list.
- On 10.6 and 10.7, Chicken may incorrectly select a 32-bit build
environment when it should be building 64-bit, resulting in a
build error. This occurs when you have a 32-bit kernel and a

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