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;; wuclient-proxy: connect to wuproxy and stream weather updates
(use zmq matchable data-structures)
(define +nupdates+ 100)
(define filter
(string-append (if (null? (command-line-arguments))
(car (command-line-arguments)))
" "))
(define s (make-socket 'sub))
(connect-socket s "tcp://localhost:8100") ;; connect to wuproxy
(socket-option-set! s 'subscribe filter)
(let loop ((n 0) (temp 0))
(if (= n +nupdates+)
(printf "Average temperature for zip ~Awas ~aF"
filter (/ temp n))
(let ((msg (receive-message s)))
(match (string-split msg " ")
((zipcode temperature relhumidity)
(printf "Received msg ~S\n" msg)
(loop (+ n 1) (+ temp (string->number temperature))))))))
(close-socket s)