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;; helper module for example applications, like zhelpers.h
(use (only srfi-13 string-pad string-every)
random-bsd ;; for randomize-socket-identity!
(define (u8vector-every u8 pred?)
(let loop ((i 0))
(if (= i (u8vector-length u8))
(and (pred? (u8vector-ref u8 i))
(loop (+ i 1))))))
(define (zero-pad width x #!optional (radix 10))
(string-pad (number->string x radix) width #\0))
(define (dump-socket s)
(print "----------------------------------------")
(let loop ()
(let* ((msg (receive-message* s as: 'blob))
(more? (socket-option s 'rcvmore))
(u8 (blob->u8vector/shared msg))
(len (u8vector-length u8)))
(print "[" (zero-pad 3 len) "] "
(if (u8vector-every u8 (cut < 31 <> 128))
(blob->string msg)
msg)) ;; assume blob prints as #${hex}
(when more? (loop)))))
(define (randomize-socket-identity! s)
(socket-option-set! s 'identity
(zero-pad 4 (random #xffff) 16)
(zero-pad 4 (random #xffff) 16))))
(define-syntax dotimes
(syntax-rules ()
((dotimes (var times final) e0 e1 ...)
(let loop ((var 0))
(if (>= var times)
(begin e0 e1 ...
(loop (+ var 1))))))
((dotimes (var times) e0 e1 ...)
(dotimes (var times (void)) e0 e1 ...))))
(define-syntax forever
(syntax-rules () ((forever e0 e1 ...)
(let loop () e0 e1 ... (loop)))))
(define (thread-millisleep! ms)
(thread-sleep! (/ ms 1000)))
(define (send-multipart-message s parts)
(let loop ((parts parts))
(cond ((null? parts)
(error 'send-multipart-message "Empty message"))
((null? (cdr parts))
(send-message s (car parts)))
(send-message s (car parts) send-more: #t)
(loop (cdr parts))))))
(define (send-multipart-message* s . parts)
(send-multipart-message s parts))
(define (receive-multipart-message s)
(let loop ((msg '()))
(let* ((frame (receive-message* s))
(more? (socket-option s 'rcvmore)))
(if more?
(loop (cons frame msg))
(reverse (cons frame msg))))))
;; Insert address and "" in front of msg list (i.e., route message to address).
(define (wrap address msg)
(cons address (cons "" msg)))