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OpenFrameworks LED matrix addon for Raspberry Pi based on Henner Zeller's rpi-rgb-led-matrix library.

Output of example-screen



If setup() is run without parameters, the addon sets defaults for a single LED Matrix of 64 x 32 pixel. Please refer to the documentation of rpi-rgb-led-matrix on how to set up a different screen size.


There are two examples within this repo:

  • example-image: loads and displays an image file. Headless application with ofAppNoWindow output.
  • example-screen: does some 3d graphics and redirects the screen onto the LED-Matrix using the grabScreen() function of ofImage.

LED Library

The addon uses hzeller's LED library precompiled. Probably you'll need to recompile the library if you are using a different hardware setup.

The LED library is precompiled with the following configuration options:

# Uncomment the following line for Adafruit Matrix HAT gpio mappings.
# If you have an Adafruit HAT ( ),
# you need to use this option as the HAT swaps pins around that are not
# compatible with the default mapping.

# Uncomment if you want to use the Adafruit HAT with stable PWM timings
# The newer version of this library allows for much more stable (less flicker)
# output, but it does not work with the Adafruit HAT unless you do a
# simple hardware hack on them: connectk GPIO 4 (OE) with 18; they have
# convenient solder holes on the board.
# Then uncomment the following define.

It is recommended to install an image with a realtime kernel (for instance this one) to minimize a loaded system having an influence on the image quality according to Zellers readme.