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Head decoration plugin for bukkit & spigot
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CraftHeads logo

This plugin allows you to get player heads with an easy to use in-game GUI


  • /craftheads Opens the CraftHeads menu
  • /craftheads <player name> Gives you the head of the player you specified


  • craftheads.use Allows the use of /craftheads
  • craftheads.updater Users that have this permission will get notifications of new updates


You can read the documentation for the default configuration file here.


This plugin utilizes bStats plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • Your server's randomly generated UUID
  • The amount of players on your server
  • The online mode of your server
  • The bukkit version of your server
  • The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
  • The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
  • The version of your OS
  • The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
  • The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
  • bStats-supported plugins
  • Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins


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