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Support for implicitly mixing monads (for example Option or List-Monad) with any scala code as alternative to for-comprehension.


this projects was created with sbt 0.7.4.

Compile and create jar-Archive in "target"-directory with:

sbt package

Install locally, so can be found by other sbt-projects:

sbt publish-local


Simple Example for using the Option-Monad:

scala> import embeddedmonads.EmbeddedOption._
import embeddedmonads.EmbeddedOption._

scala> runOption[Int] {
     |   if (Some(true).value) {
     |     Some(1).value
     |   } else {
     |     Some(2).value + Some(3).value
     |   }
     | }
res0: Option[Int] = Some(1)

scala> val x:Option[Int] = None
scala> runOption[Int] { x.value + 10 * Some(2).value }
res1: Option[Int] = None

scala> val x:Option[Int] = Some(5)                    
scala> runOption[Int] { x.value + 10 * Some(2).value }
res4: Option[Int] = Some(25)

List-Monad example:

scala> import embeddedmonads.EmbeddedSeq._
import embeddedmonads.EmbeddedSeq._

scala> runSeq[(Int,Char)] { (Seq(1,2,3).value, Seq('a', 'b', 'c').value) }
res5: Seq[(Int, Char)] = List((1,a), (1,b), (1,c), (2,a), (2,b), (2,c), (3,a),
(3,b), (3,c))
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