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Blake Hartstein
This is Beta release of jsunpack-network (jsunpackn) version 0.3.2c
1) added -p (proxy) and -P (currentproxy) command line arguments (used during active fetching)
Updates 2010-07-02 version 0.3.2c
1) encrypted PDF handling and various PDF parsing improvements
2) added global 'maxruntime' option to limit cumulative processing and raise a suspicious alert (off by default)
3) added $CURDATE options.config output option
4) re-enabled -d OUTDIR command line output option
Updates 2010-05-20 version 0.3.2b
1) added INSTALL.spidermonkey.shellcode instructions. This adds improved shellcode detection.
2) updated jsunpack class options structure. New options will always use file contents instead of filenames (where possible). Also, rules are now part of the options structure.
3) socket defaulttimeout now part of jsunpack class (it was global before). If you import jsunpack, make sure to set a timeout on your own.
4) you can use jsunpack.version to get the current version string
5) new performance option (-f "fasteval") for disabling non-critical features in favor of performance
6) fixed a bug in redoevaltime option affecting performance of malicious scripts
7) fixed a pdf parsing bug for /Page related to testcase samples/pdf-numPages.file
Updates 2010-05-05 version 0.3.2a
1) implemented this.numPages, getPageNthWord, and getPageNumWords
2) fixed bug (python 2.6 only) for log_ips functionality
3) fixed REALLY BAD performance bug related to python dynamic types. This is why type checking is a good thing and why python sucks at it. Most of my python bugs are because I redefine another variable, wipe out a loop variable, or otherwise use a bad type.
Updates 2010-04-30 version 0.3.2
1) added configuration command line option -c which replaces all former directories and filenames specified on the
command line, now uses options.config instead
2) added command line option -J option to disable any decoding
3) added document.title parsing
4) js.files is now part of urlattr/rooturl structure
5) handle referrers in building the tree
6) detection now can be performed against full decoded stream (ie. between different decode levels on the same decoding)
don't use decodedOnly filter in the rule if you expect to match on the full decoded stream
7) ipaddress logging upon detecting malicious contents with a 'options.config' option
8) make PDF headers available to future decodings
9) added navigator.plugins enumeration in pre.js
10) support getAnnot calls (note: previously getAnnots was supported only)
11) html parsing customizable configuration file (see htmlparse.config file)
12) fixed a bug in htmlparsing related to NULL bytes
13) added pdf app.plugIns enumeration
14) other bug fixes
Updates 2010-03-18 version 0.3.1e
1) added LZW and RunLength decoding to
2) fixed so that streams that fail to decompress are not output
3) rooturl is now a member of jsunpack objects (to better support threading)
4) js.files now contains three entries [filename,origin,contents] (contents is new)
5) new command line argument -Q (for Quit-outputting-files), incase you plan to use the output from a python script
6) updated rules
Updates 2010-02-04 version 0.3.1d
1) improvements
2) fixed bug while handling lastModified headers
Updates 2010-01-08 version 0.3.1c
1) pdf improvements
1a) handling and decoding of pdf annots (see sample-pdf-annots.file)
1b) octal-based object decoding support
1c) handling of obfuscation for (see sample-infoTitle.pcap)
2) graphing in verbose mode now displays all nodes rather than just malicious ones, increased node limit to 60
3) bug fix for gzip python library to better handle IOError case for 'Not a gzipped file'
Updates 2009-12-08 version 0.3.1b
YARA 1.3 (or greater) is now a requirement, existing users of yara1.2 need to follow INSTALL guide #3 (or the most recent rules files will not compile)
1) rule updates for yara 1.3 rule language
2) fixes in PDF JavaScript parsing
3) improvements to the tree structure, made appending children better
4) cmdline options for logging and temporary directories
5) additions to pre.js and post.js to handle App.eval, String.eval, and better definitions for Adobe version variables
6) handle document.write and document.writeln with multiple parameters
Updates 2009-10-08 version 0.3.1a
1) bug fixes release
1a) I now distribute an optional file (on by default)
This file was built to fix gzip decompression errors (from python2.5), you may not want to use this if you use python2.6
2) rule detection updates
3) updates to pre.js file
4) added instructions for compiling and using custom spidermonkey version INSTALL.spidermonkey
5) (not new) you can type "make clean" to destroy all temporary and log files
Updates 2009-09-25 version 0.3a
1) new extraction of URLs/JavaScript from Flash files (CWS/FWS) with
2) significant performance improvements in shellcode processing
3) bug fixes
3a) fixed tree structure of urls (specific to pcap processing)
when a node could detatch itself from the tree incorrectly
Updates 2009-09-18 version 0.1f
1) active fetching of with -a, and evaluation of urls with -u, use both (-u URL and -a) for purely active analysis
2) evaluation of multiple different client version strings:
2a) version enumeration: adobe reader for pdf
2b) version enumeration: IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera
2c) cumulative evaluation time limits per decoding, and inference of code coverage based upon evaluation time
3) added pdf decoding support for ASCII85Decode and made other improvements to pdf decoding
4) rules updates
mini-update 0.1eee (2009-09-09)
1) code changes to the way urlattr tracking handles alerts
2) change to files to include source URL/file (logging)
3) fixes to graph (-g) and debug (-D) options
Updates 2009-09-02 version 0.1e
First and foremost, thanks to Victor! (for creating the Yara detection library)
Yara is now a required dependency and the supported format for the 'rules' file
1) improved URL tracking using 'urlattr' class and urls dictionary
1a) new command line option -g, to create a URL graph (only when pcap contains 10 or fewer URL requests)
2) bug fixes for stream reassembly and pdf parsing
2a) stream reassembly now handles all streams when processing a pcap file,
regardless of whether the nids state is in end_states
4) detection of NOP sled shellcode and performance improvements in shellcode processing
(this was one of the performance bottlenecks)
5) new output format with ./files/ directory or -d OUTDIR command line option
6) CVE references are available in the 'rules' file but are temporarily unavailable in alerts
Updates 2009-08-01 version 0.1d
1) determination of whether the code is malicious (see
2) better tracking with exploit_watch and ability incident alert for infected IP address
3) pynids 'import nids' library is now optional due to user feedback
4) additional command line arguments -h (help), -t (timeout), -v (verbose), and -V (very verbose)
5) bug fixes and performance improvements
6) added debug option -D, which profiles memory usage (get Heapy from
Updates 2009-06-30 version 0.1c
1) enumeration of javascript variables and other post-processing in post.js
1a) automatic shellcode detection
1b) identify URLs in shellcode or encrypted shellcode
2) enhancements to exploit_watch tracking
3) error processing
3a) defaults values for undefined variables
4) timeouts for JavaScript evaluation that takes too long
mini-update command-line file processing
Updates 2009-06-24 version 0.1b
1) re-wrote HTTP handling to support pipelined requests
2) integration of pdf parsing (with updates to
3) improved to dynamic javascript environment variables
4) logging of decoded JavaScript
Updates 2009-06-07 version 0.1a
-initial release