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This modification is important! If you don't want to make this modification, you should follow step 99 at the bottom of this file.
After fetching and spidermonkey and locating the correct file follow steps 1, 2 and 3.
$ wget
$ cd js/src
$ vi jsobj.c
1) Add around line 1184 (beginning of function body obj_eval):
size_t n, i;
jschar *s;
2) Add around line 1314 (within function obj_eval):
| principals = NULL;
| }
n = (size_t)JSSTRDEP_LENGTH(str);
} else {
n = (size_t)str->length;
s = str->u.chars;
for (i = 0; i < n; i++){
if (s[i] == '\0'){
//end added
| /*
| * Set JSFRAME_EVAL on fp and any frames (e.g., fun_call if was
3) Then build with:
$ make BUILD_OPT=1 -f Makefile.ref
After this, you will find a "./Linux_All_OPT.OBJ/js" binary file.
99) Note: If you cannot use "./Linux_All_OPT.OBJ/js" as the default 'js' command, then you should
uncomment the following code within pre.js below to make it active. (If you just built spidermonkey, you do not want to uncomment the following code)
/* //Comment out because spidermonkey handles eval now
var my_eval = this.eval;
this.eval=function (str){
return my_eval(str);