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#Blake Hartstein v0.1c (beta) detection interface
#Goal: use rules files to find content
#June 24, 2009
import sys
import os
import re
import yara
class rules:
def __init__(self, ruleinput='', respectLevel=True):
'''ruleinput is a string that is the rule contents/data'''
#self.file = file
self.patterns = []
self.ruleinput = ruleinput
if len(ruleinput) <= 0:
if os.path.exists('rules'):
fin = open('rules', 'r')
if fin:
self.ruleinput =
self.respectLevel = respectLevel
def loadfile(self):
#previously this accepted filename as input, now we just use the rule input string
#self.rules = yara.compile(self.file)
self.rules = yara.compile(source=self.ruleinput)
def process(self, data, current_level=0, from_pdf=True):
ret = [] #return value of all detections
matches = self.rules.match(data=data)
if matches:
for match in matches:
alert = True
num = 0
ref = [] #[str(match)]
rulemsg = str(match)
msg = []
hidden = False
impact = 10
if 'impact' in match.meta:
impact = match.meta['impact']
if 'ref' in match.meta:
if 'hide' in match.meta:
hidden = match.meta['hide']
if hidden:
msg.append(' ')
if isinstance(match.strings, list):
for s in match.strings:
for s in match.strings:
#for tag in match.tags:
if 'decodedOnly' in match.tags and current_level <= 0:
if self.respectLevel:
alert = False
if 'decodedPDF' in match.tags:
if not from_pdf:
alert = False
if 'info' in match.tags:
impact = 0
if 'warn' in match.tags:
impact = 5
if alert:
ret.append([num, ref, msg, impact, rulemsg])
return ret
def has_html(self, data):
#not used
return'<script|<html|<body', data)
def has_javascript(self, data):
data = re.sub('\0', '', data)
#if data.startswith('%PDF-') or data.startswith('%%PDF-'):
# #assume JavaScript to force parsing of PDF file
# return 1
#if data.startswith('CWS') or data.startswith('FWS'):
# #assume JavaScript to force parsing of SWF file
# return 1
return'<script|document.write|eval\(|function |function\(|unescape[\(;]|var |=\s*[\'"][^\'"\\\n]+[\'"];', data, re.UNICODE)
if __name__ == '__main__':
rin = open('testrule', 'r')
rin_txt =
r = rules(rin_txt, False) #Don't respect level because we aren't decoding
for file in sys.argv[1:]:
fin = open(file, 'rb')
data =
txt = ''
maximpact = 0
res = r.process(data)
for num, ref, msg, impact, rulemsg in res: #'you lose String.fromCharCode haha eval')
if impact > maximpact:
maximpact = impact
#txt += ' impact %d \t%s %s \t%s\n' % (impact,rulemsg,msg,ref)
txt += ' impact %d \t%s \t%s\n' % (impact, rulemsg, ref)
txt += '\n'
print 'Detection %d file:%s\n%s' % (maximpact, file, txt)