Planned development

Ian Ward edited this page Jan 1, 2014 · 4 revisions

NOTE: OSS development is rarely truly planned, but these are the things I have a big interest in implementing soon

old development pages

detached_display module

  • this would be awesome for debugging urwid apps
    • stdin/stdout/stderr still available on terminal where app is launched
  • use unix sockets, FD passing and raw_display internals? (low level option)
  • render in a new widget similar to Terminal, passing parsed keystrokes and lines of Unicode? (high level option)

.decoration widget attribute

  • points to a decoration of the widget itself, i.e. foo.decoration.base_widget == foo
  • enables easier theming
  • should simplify code in urwid apps (need to verify)
  • may be generated by a property for themed widgets (this breaks simple assignment, though)
  • works by inserting foo.decoration instead of foo when assigning widgets into containers or to main_loop.widget.
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