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Usagi 3DS Theme Editor

Support/Discussion Topic at GBATemp

WPF Based, Theme Editor for Nintendo 3DS

  • Requires .NET Framework 4.5


  • Image Palette: Select colors from the (up to) 20 most used colors on the Top/Bottom Screen Background Images
  • Animated Live Preview: See Changes in Realtime, Animation is Toggleable
  • BGM Preview: Preview Only, No BCSTM Conversion Support
  • Exports Preview Image: Upon Exporting, preview.png will be generated
  • Image Dithering: Reduced Banding, Bayer8x8 Ordered, Example (2x Nearest Neighbor)
  • Top Screen Render Modes: None, Solid Color, Solid Color & Texture, Texture
  • Bottom Screen Render Modes: None, Solid Color, Texture
  • Top Screen Frame Types: Fixed, Slow/Fast Scroll
  • Bottom Screen Render Modes: Fixed, Slow/Fast Scroll, Flip/Bounce Tiled
  • Bottom Screen UI Elements: Folder and Icon Borders, Solid Color and Textured
  • Experimental CWAV Manager: Add Sound Effects to your themes, optional support for ctr_WaveConverter (Required for Wav Conversion)
  • SMDH Generation: Loads/Creates info.smdh file for CHMM2
  • Theme Sender: Sends Themes over Network to CHMM2


Avaiable on the Following Languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (by dsoldier @ GBATemp)
  • Italian (by RayFirefist @ GBATemp)
  • French (by Kerouz @ GBATemp)

ThemeEditor Common

Object Oriented, Standalone Library for Handling the Theme Files

  • Requires .NET Framework 4.5


  • LZ11 De/Compression
  • Texture Encoding/Decoding
  • Image Data Operations: Dithering, Blitting, Rotating, Palette Generation, Grayscale
  • Theme Reading/Writing


  • Halley Comet Software - vgmstream - BGM Preview
  • Reisyukaku - YATA - LZ11 De/Compression, Texture Decoding
  • kwsch - pk3DS - LZ11 De/Compression
  • Barubary - DSDecmp - LZ11 De/Compression
  • 3DBrew WIKI - WIKI - File Formats Specification