The native JNI library used by usb4java
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This is the source code of the JNI wrapper for libusb. usb4java already includes pre-compiled libraries for the following platforms:

  • linux-x86
  • linux-x86_64
  • linux-arm
  • windows-x86
  • windows-x86_64
  • osx-x86
  • osx-x86_64

If you need the library on an other platform then you can easily compile it yourself. On a Unix-compatible operating system you only need the Java JDK, an up-to-date libusb library version, the GNU C compiler and cmake. When everything is correctly installed then you should be able to build the library with the following commands:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

When compilation was successful then you can find the library in the build/src directory.

usb4java searches for the library in the CLASSPATH directory org/libusb4java/<OS>-<ARCH>/. On a 32 bit x86 linux machine for example the directory name is org/libusb4java/linux-x86. Usually you can find the required name in the exception thrown by usb4java when it does not find the required library.