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Upgrade latest Linux kernel automatically for Ubuntu and derivatives 🐧
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Project Status: Active


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It provides to upgrade Linux kernel to latest version for Ubuntu/Mint and derivatives.

3 kernel version are available
Version Stability Features Performance Security Compatibility
Release Candidate Low Many Normal Very High Low
Testing Normal Some Normal High Normal
Stable High Few Low Normal Very High


It removes old Linux kernel images/headers in machine for Ubuntu/Mint and derivatives.

Normal Setup

Download & Install

git clone && cd uktools


Now you can call the script whereever you are

sudo uktools-upgrade
sudo uktools-purge

You can re-run setup script by


Logs are available with

cat /var/log/ukt.log

One-line Install

Only use for testing, prefer normal setup for regular use
It'll get Testing kernel
cd /usr/src && \
sudo wget && \
sudo tar -xvf master.tar.gz && \
sudo rm -fr master.tar.gz && \
cd uktools-master && \
sudo chown ${USER:=$(id -run)}:$USER ../uktools-master && \
./src/upgrade -d

Additionnal Infos

Ubuntu kernel packages comes from this archive

Auto Run can be enabled/disabled in setup

  • If enabled, upgrade will be done automatically by cronjob each 2hours.

Incompatibilities with RC and testing version

  • Linux Tools (perf, usb over ether, kbuild)
  • Canonical Livepatch
  • Some misconfigured packages (eg rtl8812au-dkms/4.3.8)
  • Obviously all packages not compatible with very last versions of kernel (eg sysdig)


Choose next grub default kernel

Ask and allow to run purge periodically without upgrade

Bash Unit Test

Qemu/KVM are the container tools for testing

  • Test MakeFile
  • check install of each kernel's versions
  • check message of the day with ssh connection just after install
  • check call parameters
  • check "no need to upgrade" by running script two times in a row
  • check if script keep the very last version of minor kernel
  • eg with Ubuntu 18.04 :
Versions Keep
4.13.0-39 βœ—
4.13.0-41 βœ“
4.15.0-32 βœ—
4.15.0-34 βœ“
4.16.5 βœ—
4.16.6 βœ—
4.16.7 βœ“

Any other contributions is welcome (trad, display, etc)

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