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Usbong is now accepting interns/trainees/apprentices who'd want to join our team on our mission to uplift human lives.

Company Information

Founded in 2011, the Usbong Social Systems, Inc. (Usbong) is a SEC-registered software company in the Philippines.

Our mission is to defeat poverty by uplifting human lives.
Our vision is a community where there is everlasting peace.

More concretely, Usbong offers a wide range of software products and solutions that serve clients from industry, academe, and government.

Usbong’s services include software development and automation to systematically count, file, and calculate data using computers and mobile computing devices.

Official Company Website

Traineeship Details

Our Traineeship is based on the Two-track vocational training:

1) There's a practical part that concentrates on actual work and the making of things.

We give interns/trainees/apprentices actual tasks that would help the company grow.

These include among others:
a) writing feedback to determine how we can more properly organize ourselves in terms of communication
b) evaluating the company to determine how we can achieve CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 5
c) conducting Quality Assurance (QA) of our products/services
d) developing new and add-on software using existing tools

Given that we're a software company, the intern/trainee/apprentice ought to be able to understand software development.
Having said this, besides the technical aspect, we've learned that the person should also understand business.

2) There's specialist theoretical instruction.

We have the interns/trainees/apprentices do online courses and read offline materials.

a) Online courses

Examples of these include among others:
a) Java programming language
b) Android Software Development

b) Offline materials

Examples of these include among others:
a) Code Complete
b) The Different Drum

Whichever course or material, the interns/trainees/apprentices would have to physically come to the Usbong HQ to teach what they've learned to the team.
We then ask them questions that we don't necessarily know what the answer is.
Here, it is important to be able to recognize the inter-relationship between seemingly unrelated fields, e.g. economics and computer science.


Ito ang mga bagay na kailangang ipasa ng aplikante sa

  1. Pinakabagong CV
  2. Portfolio (Lista ng mga Halimbawa ng mga Ginawa)
  3. Cover Letter/Letter of Intent (Sulat ng Hangarin)
    a) Ano ang maitutulong mo bilang intern/trainee/apprentice?
    b) Bakit mo nais maging intern/trainee/apprentice?
    c) Bakit ka karapat-dapat upang maging intern/trainee/apprentice?


We do not necessarily discriminate against those who are not majoring in Computer Science.
Therefore, applicants who may be Literature majors are also welcome.

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