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utmp-cli (usbtemp-cli)

Read temperature from USB thermometer and DS9097E compatible 1-wire adapter with one DS18B20 digital probe attached through command line interface.

How to compile from source

  1. Clone (or download) this repository (and extract files)
  2. Run make to compile the binary
  3. Execute the binary ./utmp-cli

The default output is time with the temperature in degrees Celsius and looks like:

May 13 17:05:02 Sensor C: 22.62

By using -f switch the temperature unit will be switched to Fahrenheit. Date/time formatting is %b %d %H:%M:%S or %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ (ISO 8601 in UTZ).

Instead of compiling from the source, already compiled executable could be downloaded from Releases tab.


This application could be also compiled on Windows with a MinGW compiler, see


Package (with digitemp) is available at opkg-packages.


$ ./usbtemp-cli -h
	-f	Display temperature using the Fahrenheit scale
	-i	Format date as UTC ISO 8601
	-j	Format date and temperature as JSON
	-p	Set probe precision {9,10,11,12}
	-q	Quiet mode
	-r	Get probe serial number (ROM) in hexadecimal, or -R in uppercase hexadecimal
	-s	Set serial port

Serial port could be anything like /dev/ttyUSB0, COM6 or similar.


User, running binary, must have permissions to write to /dev/ttyUSB0 or similar character device. Usually, adduser to dialout group or chmod o+rw the character device helps.