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Ontology Visualization


./ -o test.ttl -O ontology.ttl
dot -Tpng -o test.png
  • Use -o to indicate the path of output file
  • Use -O to indicate the input ontology (Optional).
  • Use -C to indicate the configuration file (Optional).
    • max_label_length: config the max length of labels. If the text exceeds the length, exceeded part will be replaced with “…”. Default value is 0.
    • blacklist: config the predicate that you don’t want to see in the graph.
    • class_inference_in_object: config the predicate that can inference the object is a Class, even if the class doesn’t defined in the ontology.
    • label_property: config the predicate that used for labeling nodes, if such a label exists, it will display inside the node.
    • tooltip_property: config the predicate that contains the tooltip texts.
    • bnode_regex: a list of regexes, if an uri matches, then it will be dispaly as a blank node without its uri nor label. It can be useful if you have a lot of reifications.
    • colors: config the colors of nodes
      • class, literal, instance can accept HEX value(e.g. ~”#ff0000”~ ), MATLAB style(e.g. ~”r”~ ), and color name (e.g. ~”red”~ ).
      "colors": {
        "class": "#ff0000",
        "literal": "r",
        "instance": "red",
      • instance can also accept a dict value to specify the color of each class instance. And use ~”default”~ to to set color for undefined instances.
      "instance": {
        "": "#a6cee3",
        "default": "#ffff99"
      • filled: config whether fill the node, default value: true.
  • Classes defined in the ontology will be omitted in the output graph. This action can be switched with argument -V.

Useful Graphviz flags

  • -K to specify which layout algorithm to use. E.g. -Kneato and -Ksfdp . Notice that inorder to use sfdp layout algorithm, you will need to build your graphviz with GTS.
  • -T to specify the output format.
  • -G to set a graph attribute. E.g. -Goverlap=prism


In order to use this tool, you’ll need to make sure you have rdflib installed.

In order to convert dot into png or svg image, you will need Graphviz.