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Android App


Our ticketless parking system is to implement low-power Tmote Sky in the parking structure to detect parking space utilization. Users can use our android mobile app to register and reserver a parking spot prior to his or her arrival. It's energy-saving and time-saving.

System Features:

-Mobile device app to register and reserve parking space

-Automatic parking space detection

-Parking information tracking


  1. All the scripts in "Android App" and "MyServer" directories are main scripts as Client and Server prog.

-MyServer: : Script with the main function : Contains Server side Algorithm and main socket establishing : Script support multi-user socket. The child socket process.

-Android App: Contains the user app script

  1. Files including "MyServer", "temp1.txt" and "" should put under opt->tinyos-2.1.1->apps->Oscilloscope->java get light strength from motes and write into temo1.txt

  1. File "" and the directory "chips" should be updated under opt->tinyos-2.1.1->tos->platforms->telosb : set the light sensor module as our interface

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