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Census for Small Business

A site for small businesses to understand how they can use and be empowered by Census data using the U.S. Web Design Standards

Created by the Civic Digital Fellowship

Getting Started

To run this site locally you will need to install gulp globally through npm

npm install --global gulp

Then install the dependencies by running

npm install

This creates a local node_modules directory with all the plugins referenced in gulpfile.js

Editing content

This project is structured to easily incorporate updates in the U.S. Web Design Standards. Before editing content you'll need to understand how the files are structured.

File structure

The files are structured as follows:

├── dist
├── src
├── .gitignore
├── gulpfile.js
├── package.json

Files in the dist folder are never touched. Any changes or additions to content are made in the src files. In order to have changes or additions reflected in the dist folder, run:

> gulp

which will call the default method in gulpfile.js, which is all of the methods including a watch method that will actively watch for changes as you edit and compile files to dist with each save.

Publishing content to github pages

The project repository census-small-business is the production-ready version of the dist folder. To release a new version, clone the census-small-business repository locally and commit the dist folder contents to the repository.


The goal of this project was to demonstrate how the Census Bureau can begin to orient itself as a user-centered agency, as well as demonstrate what using the U.S. Web Design Standards could look like for the Census Bureau.

To see the full presentation shown at the Department of Commerce on August 8, 2017, please take a look at the Census for Small Business deck.