Python module for partitioning eddy covariance flux measurements.
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Python 3 module for partitioning water vapor and carbon dioxide fluxes

The eddy covariance technique is commonly used to measure gas fluxes over agricultural fields. Greater insight into the functioning of agroecosystems is possible if the measured gas fluxes can be separated into their constitutive components: the water vapor flux into transpiration and direct evaporation components, and the carbon dioxide flux into photosynthesis and respiration components.



  • Implements the Scanlon and Sahu (2008) procedure for partitioning eddy covariance measurements of water vapor and carbon dioxide fluxes into stomatal (transpiration, photosynthesis) and nonstomatal (evaporation, respiration) components.
  • Includes capabilities for applying basic QA/QC to high-frequency eddy covariance data, for correcting high frequency data for external fluctuations associated with air temperature and vapor density, and for estimating leaf-level water use efficiency.


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T. H. Skaggs, R. G. Anderson, J. G. Alfieri, T. M. Scanlon, W. P. Kustas (2018). Fluxpart: Open source software for partitioning carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 253--254:218--224, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2018.02.019.