USDocker script for Memcached
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Useful script for 'memcached' service

This Useful Script creates a memcached server based on a Docker Image. You don't have know docker to use this solution.


npm install -g @usdocker/usdocker # Install it first
npm install -g @usdocker/memcached
usdocker -r    # Update USDocker database

Start the memcached service

usdocker memcached up

Stop the memcached service

usdocker memcached down

Check the memcached status

usdocker memcached status

Customize your service

You can setup the variables by using:

usdocker memcached --set variable=value

Default values

  • image: "memcached:alpine",
  • folder: "$HOME/.usdocker/data/memcached",
  • port: 11211,
  • memory: 1